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We pride ourselves on the personalized service we provide to our customers.  Each client's needs are different so we structure each of our services to address those needs in the best way possible.  This saves you time and money.  Our efforts are focused on what you need to learn and what tools you need to have to make you effective in your job.


Consulting Services

bullet Analysis of Business Requirements
bullet Hardware and Software Selection
bullet Installation and Configuration
bullet Customization
bullet Support and Maintenance



Training Services

bullet LaserFiche Document Imaging & Management
bullet ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking
bullet Hardware Familiarization
bullet Windows 2000 / XP
bullet Office 2000 / XP - Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, and Power Point



Product Development Services

bullet Microsoft Office Customization
bullet Access Database Application Development
bullet Web Site Development

Analysis of Business Requirements

Many companies go out and purchase hardware and  software tools that are highly advertised without taking the time to first determine what the actual needs are in the business and what types of tools are the best fit.  Acadia sits down with its clients to isolate the priority needs of their companies, looking at work flows, employee capabilities, and operational and management requirements.  We then determine and concisely report to you the most cost-effective hardware and software solutions for your company's requirements.

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Hardware and Software Selection

Once the types of products needed are determined, Acadia can help you acquire the hardware and software that are necessary for your company.  Even though, PCs have become a "commodity" type product, they are not all created equal for the job to be done.  Getting the right components (with the wide selection that is now available) in PCs, monitors, printers, modems, CDs, etc. can be a daunting task without someone like Acadia who can quickly point you in the right direction or purchase them for you.  The same is even more important with software, where the selection of the right tools is crucial to your successful employment of them in your business.

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Installation and Configuration

With the advent of "plug-and-play" hardware and "self-installable" software, you would think that the setup of PCs would be a snap.  In truth, it is, once you have installed several systems and gone through the steep learning curve usually required to make it "easy".  Even when you have mastered the installation procedures, there are two tasks that trip up even the most experienced users: the configuration of the system to meet their particular requirements and the integration of the various hardware and software components so that they work together harmoniously.  Acadia has the knowledge and experience gained by years of installing PCs and software tools to make this step quick and painless.

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No matter how ingenious the software developer is or how powerful the package, it will never meet all of the specific needs of your business.  Sometimes, a simple "tweaking" of some feature would make it much more valuable to a company and occasionally a needed capability is not available at all so it needs to be created from scratch.  Fortunately, most software packages now allow a software developer easy access to the "internals" of the code so that additional functionality can be added quite easily.  Acadia can fine-tune the software tools you purchase and add functionality to them, so that they do exactly what you want and how you want to do it.   Screens can be added for easy data entry, data items that your company requires can be tracked, and the necessary reports that you require for the effective operation and management of your business can be formatted to your exact specifications.  For more information on specific customization services see Microsoft Office Customization below.

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Support and Maintenance

"New and improved" versions of software products are constantly being released, some of which have new features that can be quite valuable to companies using them.  However, there is always the risk of having a serious setback because the update changes the configuration of the information you so painstakingly entered in your current product.  Acadia can provide ongoing evaluation of updates for your company helping you understand the benefits and risks of upgrading to a new version and help you gracefully make the transition to the new functionality.  We are fully certified to provide first line support for all of the LaserFiche and ScanSoft products.

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LaserFiche Document Imaging & Management Training

Being a certified reseller for LaserFiche, we have been fully trained to provide on-site, comprehensive training in all of the LaserFiche Document Imaging and Management product offerings.  Nothing will get your staff more productive and efficient quickly than the personalized training we can provide.

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ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking Training

Being a certified reseller for ScanSoft, we have been fully trained to provide on-site, comprehensive training in all of the ScanSoft product offerings.  Being fully trained in the product will enable your staff to become productive immediately with the products.

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Hardware Familiarization

While most hardware products have excellent installation manuals and user guides now, there is nothing that beats personalized training to greatly shorten the process of using new hardware effectively.   By knowing what you are trying to accomplish with the hardware, Acadia can train you specifically in what you need to know and set up the device for its easiest access by you.  You have more important things to do than to read through a 60 page user guide to find the 2 or 3 pages you need to know!

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Windows 2000 / XP Training

Windows is an extremely powerful and flexible operating system that lets you open multiple windows at the same time to work more efficiently.  In addition, there are many less obvious but tremendously valuable features that you probably never knew were part of the system but could make your job much easier.  Acadia can show you how to use Windows in the most effective way for your job and for your company's requirements.

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Microsoft Office 2000 / XP Training:

Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, and Power Point

While Microsoft Office has an excellent help system including the "office assistant", there is nothing that beats personalized training.   By knowing what you are trying to accomplish with the software tools, Acadia can train you specifically in what you need to know and in the order you can learn it most easily.  There is no time wasted in learning features that may be useful at some time in the future or never at all!

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Microsoft Office Customization

Microsoft Office has many wonderful features and powerful functionality for meeting most office automation needs.  In addition, and fortunately for its users, it allows macros (automated sequences of commands) to be recorded and programs to be written in Visual Basic for Applications so that specific user requirements can be efficiently met.  With little customization effort, some very rich capabilities can be added to the products to streamline the use of the products and make you more effective in your work.  Any "routine" procedures you normally carry out in word processing, spreadsheet creation, or emailing, for example, can be automated to let you focus on the more creative aspects of your job.  For example, we have just automated one client's email to print automatically when it arrives over the Internet and another's to process an incoming document in Word to automatically distribute it via email and fax to the parties to which it needs to go.

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Access Database Application Development

Access is quickly becoming the most popular database management tool for maintaining records of every variety within a company: customers, inventory, assets, and general accounting to name just a few.  Acadia can quickly design and develop data entry screens, query, and reporting capabilities for any database your company may need to track.  For very specific needs, we can create systems from scratch; for more common needs such as general accounting including general ledger, payable, or payroll, we can start with a third-party package and customize it to accurately fit your business practices and specific tracking requirements.

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Web Site Development

Acadia offers complete Web Site development services to give your company the immense marketing exposure only the Internet can provide.  We can easily guide you through the process of attractively portraying your business with all the information necessary for people to find and purchase your products or services.  With the tools now available to us for web publishing, we can put your company on the "web" for an extremely reasonable cost with monthly recurring costs of under $10.  Go to Sawtooth Discount Futures, Therapy Jewelry Company, Acadia Imaging Service Bureau, Acadia Document Imaging & Management, and Acadia Advanced Voice Technologies to see our most recent site creation.

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